What to Wear: Seniors

My suggestion to simply wear what you love and makes you feel good. Senior portraits are all about showing your style and letting everyone know who you are. When you are choosing outfits for your senior session, try to remember that we want to make the senior the focus of the portrait, not the clothes. Keep the following tips in mind when making your clothing selections.



If you are doing a session with multiple outfits I recommend a variety of looks; everyday you, dressy and that unique outfit that might be a sports uniform or something that really showcases your unique style. Layering makes it easy to quickly change up your look. If you aren’t sure what to bring, toss in a few extra things and I will help you choose what will work best.  


Clothing Color and Pattern

Solid colors work well in photos. Bold stripes, large logos, prints and patterns can look busy and distracting in portraits and draw attention away from your face. It’s best to keep the lights with the lights and the darks with the darks. If you are wearing dark jeans or pants, then try to pick out a darker shirt or sweater, and vice versa. Avoid strong contrast between the top and bottom of your outfits. This keeps the attention on your face, not your clothes. Please keep in mind too that clothing wrinkles will show in your portraits.


Looking Thinner

Tank tops or sleeveless outfits can make upper arms look heavier than they really are. Darker colors can slim problem areas. Overly baggy or clingy clothing can also be a problem. Wear what flatters your figure and avoid trends that don't work with your body type.


Remember your Accessories

As you plan your wardrobe for your session, don’t forget about jewelry, hats, belts, shoes, etc. They can really add personality to a look.



Bring props that are meaningful to you. Do you have a pet? Are you involved in sports, band, cheerleading or any other school activity? You might want to bring your sports gear, letter jacket, musical instruments, car, etc. Got a hobby or do you collect stuff? What are you into? Remember these portraits are all about you. Props a great way to be creative and reflect who you are.


Makeup and Nails

I recommend a neutral look that will work with all your outfits. Makeup really shows your style. Professional makeup is great, just don't have them overdo it. Please bring some translucent powder in case you get shiny and your lipstick or other make up in case you need a little touch-up. Your hands will show in many of your shots. Having your nails painted will make your whole look “polished”.



I recommend that clients don't try a new a hairstyle. Again, you want to look like “you in your portraits. If you plan on getting your hair cut or colored, try to do it about 2-3 weeks before your session. This will give time for your hair to lose that “just cut” look or to reschedule the session if you end up getting a bad cut or unexpected color. I suggest bringing a comb and hairspray for touchups during the shoot.



Remember these are guidelines. If you have a favorite outfit that makes you feel great but it breaks a guideline, don’t worry. Bring it... well find a background and pose that makes both you and your outfit look good.